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HI, I’M KARAN VASWANI, the founder of Prudentia Advisory.

I’ve lived long term in the U.A.E., U.S., China, India and Singapore, built several successful businesses from scratch, and also spent a long stint practicing law in India and mastering the country’s intricate tax laws, inflexible company laws, invasive banking regulations and draconian foreign exchange regulations. I have dealt with every part of the vast Indian bureaucracy, for both myself and clients, from Income Tax officers to RBI officials to employees at the Registrar of Companies to labor commissioners.

I am also a director of, and strategic advisor to, many companies, big and small, and I founded Prudentia Advisory in 2012 to help and empower Indian entrepreneurs, by offering the following bespoke services:

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Prudentia’s Founders Without Borders service helps Indian founders to take full advantage of the digital revolution and the offshoring revolution and move themselves and their businesses offshore, freeing themselves from India’s high taxes, painful foreign exchange controls, unnecessary paperwork and bureaucracy, and improving their overall quality of life.

It is a complete end to end solution, including:

Crypto Counsel

Prudentia’s Crypto Counsel service provides a complete end to end solution for blockchain clients, including:

Startup Sage1

Prudentia’s Startup Sage service provides a complete end to end solution for startups, including:


Prudentia sponsors Distil, a podcast franchise that I host, with a particular focus on deeptech startups, which includes notable series such as:


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